2" - 4" 1st Check, 20-30

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The 2" - 4" First Check Valve Assembly can be used on the Deringer 20 & 30 models sizes 2", 2 ½", 3" and 4" and comes pre-assembled from the factory ready for installation

The 2" - 4" First Check Valve Assembly includes:
  • First Check Valve Assembly
  • Cover Seal O-Ring
  • Retainer Bolt O-Rings
Note: This check valve assembly is for the 2" - 4" Deringer 20/30 models only. The first and second check valves are not interchangeable.

MSRP: $179.00
Pro Price: $149.00

Product Code: BD-4100

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Dual Action TMCheck Title

The Patented Dual-Action Check™ ( US8875733)is the core technology behind the superior performance of Deringer Backflow Prevention Line. The Dual-Action Check™ combines all of the best features of industry standard “poppet” checks and “swing” checks into a single high performance check module.

Light weight engineered polymer components
Modular for easy removal of complete check from body.
Easily disconnect spring tension for safe check servicing.
Replaceable Silicone Rubber Elastomer Disk.
Excellent resistance to fouling

Skewed View

Poppet Action


Initial 25% of check stroke is that of a poppet check
Consistent static sealing
Excellent resistant to fouling
Reliable check closure
Stable flow characteristics at lower flow rates

Low Flow Poppet Action

Swing Action


Final 75% of check stroke is that of a swing check
Minimal friction loss at high flow rates
More linear flow path water through valve

High Swing Action

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